1. Defective device

Do you have a defective device? Don't panic, Servilux can help you!

Who is Servilux?

2. Call Center

The call center determines whether a technician is needed.

3. SMS / E-mail with link

Servilux will send you a text message or e-mail. You will need to send extra data via the link.

4. Collect information


A clear and legible photo of the product sticker showing the serial number and model. The location of this label depends on the device.

Where can I find the product sticker?

Invoice (proof of purchase)

If you do not submit an invoice clearly stating the date of purchase, we will assume an out-of-warranty service request and a charge will be made. (Pricing can be found here)

Defect description

A clear defect description supported by a photo or short film helps our technician to better analyse the service request and determine any parts required.

5. Specialist evaluates

With a clear defect description and the specific device data, the specialist will perform a pre-analysis.

6. Preferred date

Depending on the expected delivery time of the parts you may need, you can select your preferred date.

7. Time indication of home visit

We will confirm the visit times to you one working day in advance.

8. Preparation home visit


The technician's coming to your house.

10. Feedback

Finally, we ask for your feedback. Positive or negative experiences, we are happy to receive your feedback.