LetMeRepair (Servilux) is a flexible organisation. Our team consists of more than one hundred fifty motivated employees. Together, we repair more than 200.000 electrical appliances annually, both under and out of guarantee.

Our high degree of automation increases our efficiency and the quality of our work. But the heart of our business remains the professional expertise of our repair team.


Your defect appliance will always first be inspected by one of our product professors. He or she analyses the possible problems and then, on the basis of this inspection, he or she prepares a clear briefing for the repair team. Our product professors share their knowledge about 'their' products with their specialist colleagues at other repair services in the Benelux or at the manufacturer. Often, they can already help you over the phone to solve your problem.


Every brand that is repaired at Servilux, has a personal brand Professor. They represent the interests of "their" brand in all areas, from personal contact to file management. Because they know the processes and philosophy of the brand that they represent very thoroughly, they are able to provide solutions that fit into the corporate culture and brand image of our clients.


This is the beating heart of LetMeRepair (Servilux). Thanks to their technical skills, experience and passion, our repair team returns your appliance to perfect working order in no time. At your home or in our own workshops. With the greatest care. And with a smile!

Continuous training in the newest techniques and regular training courses with various manufacturers are an important part of their jobs. It is only this way that we can continue to guarantee you the best service.

That is why LetMeRepair (Servilux) spends 3% of its sales turnover on training. That is almost twice the minimum requirement set by the sector.


Speed and efficiency are related, to a great extent, to prompt logistics. Therefore our employees continuously monitor your appliance as it makes its way through the repair process — from your home all the way to our workshops. And as quickly as possible back to you.

In addition, they also make the schedules and plan the routes for the members of our repair team on the road. And they ensure that all the parts which are needed during the day will be ready on time. Neatly sorted per assignment.

Collage of photos and Servilux employees


The ‘listening ear’ of LetMeRepair (Servilux). They process your incoming service request and messages. The Coordination Center helps you provide information that leads to the solution in a customer-friendly manner.


You will be warmly welcomed by an experienced employee at the service counter. If you need advice on maintenance or a specific part of a specific device? If necessary it can be ordered from suppliers.


Our support staff have a varied range of tasks that is split into warehouse on the one hand and support for home service technicians on the other. The warehouse activity ranges from receiving incoming goods to sorting the goods at the right location. Support ensures that all picking lists are completed on time, the parts are transported to the technicians via night transport and that all returning goods are processed according to the manufacturer's standards. The priority for our team is to monitor quality and process the goods efficiently.


We can only be successful if it is clear which products and customers make a positive contribution to the result, where money comes from and where money goes to. Our financial department is responsible for your financial administration and ensures the best possible organization of the administration and administrative processes.


Our back office team supports the other services and departments within LetMeRepair (Servilux). In this way they ensure the adequate, consistent and ordering of necessary parts for carrying out a repair. In addition, they also check the administrative processing of repairs carried out and they ensure a claim settlement towards the manufacturers.


The Fleet & Facility team maintains the building and management of the fleet. As a supportive department they make purchases of special materials, tools or machines. They are responsible for the safety of the establishment (access, camera, and speed control).


HR is all about the ‘human capital’ of the organization: employees. Attracting, selecting, rewarding, assessing and training employees are the duties of our HR department. They supervise the organizational culture and ensure compliance with labor regulations and legislation. We provide a familiar working environment where our employees can develop.


Thanks to our IT staff, we are able to distinguish ourselves digitally. The systems are available 24/7 to process your data quickly and safely.