Servilux out of warranty repair rates from 01.05.2020 until 21.02.2022

Following is an example of a standard IN-HOME service:

+ Preparation costs: € 39,20 VAT included

+ Driving costs: € 60,50 VAT included

+ Labour costs (amount depending on the defect)

+ Parts costs (if applicable)

Following is an example of a standard WORKSHOP service:

+ Preparation costs: € 20 (smaller devices) OR € 39,2

+ Expedition costs (if applicable)

+ Labour costs (amount depending on the defect)

+ Parts costs (if applicable)

• On demand because the transport solution is depending on the size of your device. • All amounts are VAT included.• 1 device per service request.

Research cost

Costs to prepare your service request. This includes work preparation, planning, spare parts supply, etc. Preparation costs are always charged.

Travel cost home service

In case of a home visit, you will be charged with travel costs. In order to avoid travel costs, you can bring the device yourself at our service desk.

Transport cost per device

Costs for organising a transport service. Transport costs will be charged per transport. Servilux cannot be held responsible for transport damage if the device was not packed transport worthy during the journey to Servilux.

Price indication (€ 20 or € 39,2)

After physical examination of the appliance, the technician makes a quotation for repair, which is valid for 30 days. If you agree to repair after the quotation, this amount will be settled. Possible drive or transport costs will be charged.

After a quotation, there are several possibilities:

    • Agreed: We start the repair.

    • Don’t agree (Device return): Customer pays research costs and possible travel expenses / 2x transport costs.

    • Don't agree (Device not returned): Customer pays research costs and possible call-out charges/ 1x transport costs. Your appliance will be destroyed and disposed of in accordance with legal environmental regulations.

Price quote limit

If the repair costs exceed € 75 (excluding transport or travel charges), prior approval will be requested. If the repair price is lower than the quoted price limit, the repair will be completed immediately.

Damage claims:

In case of damage upon receipt of the goods, you need to inform us within 24 hours.

Warranty claim after repair

We charge an administration cost of 20 euro in case you claim a warranty after the repair has been taken place.

Repairs of brand names for which Servilux has no repair authorization

When Servilux receives faulty appliances from brand names and/or product groups for which we have no repair authorisation from the manufacturer, we will send back the appliance non-repaired. We will, where appropriate, charge research costs, transport costs and c.o.d. charges. Therefore, we advise you to contact us first in case you are not sure if we are authorised to repair your appliance or not.