Mission Statement


Our service contributes to a reduced green footprint, and ensures happy end-users, by repairing electronic products quickly, so they can keep being used over their maximum life-span.


LetMeRepair (Servilux) offers the know-how to organise after-sales solutions for electronic brands in the Benelux through administrative support, logistics, and the installation and repair of devices in the field, and our workshops.

Detail image of a TV motherboard
Image repair of the motherboard of a TV
Detail image of a TV motherboard
Image repair of the motherboard of a TV

Company values

Sensitivity to Clients

Customer satisfaction is the norm. The more customers who feel they have never been helped so well before, the greater our chances of success. Servilux therefore strives for 99% customer satisfaction. This focus is essential as it is where our main competitive edge lies. Maximum efficiency is the necessary requirement for success in achieving this goal.

Continual improvement of processes and organisation is therefore built into the company’s DNA. At the end of the day, satisfied customers are the ultimate source of job and employee satisfaction. This closes the circle.


Thanks to our innovative approach we can serve our customers more quickly and efficiently. We are easy to contact, deliver quality and think of solutions before our customers do. This saves them time, money and trouble.

We repair the defective device properly from the first time, but efficiency also means that we help our customer to resolve and prevent the defect itself.


Our positive attitude gives our customers the feeling that their appliance is in good hands. We act with dedication, interest and openness so that they feel they can trust us implicitly.

Clear and Transparent

Clear communication is key. Customers want to be able to find out at any time what they can expect from us. A deal is a deal. The faster our customer can use their device again, the better. We try to solve their problem via telephone, chat, e-mail, etc. which ever fits them best. If that is not possible, we search together for a solution with the customer. We speak the customer's language.

Personal development

LetMeRepair (Servilux) provides its employees with an environment in which they can shine in the areas they are good at. In which their talents can flourish. This environment is the ideal hothouse for personal growth and development. Both inside and outside the organisation.